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I Laugh At These Skinny Girls

Many people hate poetry, because they find it tedious, boring and sometimes intimidating. ‘I Laugh At These Skinny Girls’ is a refreshing and exciting approach to poetry.

It is a collection of poetry for people who hate poetry which is poetry marinated in simplicity, relatability, vividness and wittiness.

Without any intention to ridicule complex forms of poetry, the poems in this book are written without the strictures of conformity and with a form and motive to portray poetry as enjoyable, especially to those people who would normally not read poetry. ‘I Laugh at These Skinny Girls’ is the second book in the ‘poetry for people who hate poetry’ series.

Your Father Walks Like A Crab

A lot of people ‘hate’ poetry because of its usually obscure language.
‘Your Father Walks Like A Crab’, however contains poetry stripped ofconformity and with a motive to portray poetry as enjoyable, especially to those people who do not normally read poetry.

It is fresh, vivid, whimsical, somewhat cheeky and sprinkled with wit and humour. It is about relationships: familial, platonic or romantic, and also general day to day experiences and observations of the poet.

In a good way, this book contains the kind of poetry that you most likely haven’t read before.

Sixty Percent of a True Story

‘Sixty Percent of a True Story’ is a window into the different realities of three undergraduates. Osisiye arrives the University of Lagos on a windy morning with dreams of high grades but must explore the fleshpots of the city, freedom of the campus and spiritual diversity of the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. Will he find a balance soon enough and will his dalliances with drugs, women and new friends be his undoing? The story moves on to Korede, a depressive introvert. He takes one through the vagaries of growing up as ‘different’ in a society that sees things in black and white and does not forgive men who do not act as men. Chris is a staple in Nigeria’s urban lore, the internet fraudster. Through his eyes, we understand the various motivations for this career choice and explore the process that births such deception. The story weaves through three Nigerian states, a university, a presidential campaign, the fleshpots of Lagos and startling personal choices to an unpredictable end.

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